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  • Phototherapy is a non-pharmacological treatment modality used in sleep disorders.
  • Our body has an internal clock, located in the brain known as ‘Suprachiasmatic Nucleus’ that regulates the sleep/wake cycle.
  • This clock controls the “circadian rhythms” in your body. These include body temperature, alertness and hormonal levels.
  • Our body clock is “set” by our exposure to bright light such as sunlight.
  • Phototherapy allows us to entrain and ‘reset’ this rhythm and enjoy the benefits of good sleep.

Phototherapy – Light Box

  • Phototherapy light boxes are typically LED square lights.
  • Light boxes emit 10,000 Lux brightness and “cool” color temperature light that simulates the brightness of natural sunlight without the harmful UV rays

Benefits of Phototherapy

    • Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder
    • Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder
    • Free Running or Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Rhythm
    • Jet Lag
    • Shift Work
    • Mood Disorders like Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder
    • Certain types of skin inflammation, and wounds