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I had an acute problem of insomnia/sleeplessness for the last 8-9 years which in fact affected my daily life. Though I consulted some physicians, I could not get any relief . Recently, when I was searching the net on the said disorder , I was lucky to have your clinic address. Today I am really happy and proud to say that I got the right treatment from you and my sleep is back to normal in a short duration of 3 months. This is really marvelous.
My observation is that people must recognize that sleeplessness is a very serious disorder and treatment is available for such disease.
I also extent my sincere thanks to your staff for their care and dedication. Thank You
Gopakumar Viswanathan

I am a 41years old male and was suffering from disturbed sleep and was sleepy and drowsy during the day. I feel sleep plays an important part of my life and I sought treatment at Sleep Disorder Clinic with Dr Devnani. As part of my diagnosis I underwent a sleep study. At first, I was scare to undergo a test with electrodes being placed on the head and body. But, anxiety reduced when I was shown the video at the clinic and the assurance the technicians and staff gave me. The sleep study helped the doctor diagnose my problem as “SLEEP APNEA”, she counseled and advised me about CPAP machine and Oro-Myofunctional therapy. I also joined the diet-weight and fitness management program which was also a part of the clinic services. My daytime sleepiness has reduced significantly. The total experience with Dr. Preeti Devnani, the assistant doctors, the staff at the clinic was extremely overwhelming.
Deven Pathare

I am a 67 year old male, with a sleep history of snoring, fragmented sleep. I was suffering from this from the past 3-12 months before I came in for consultation. After my consultation, I went through a sleep study that helped the doctor to diagnosis my problem. After which I was initiated on CPAP therapy and Oro-Myofunctional therapy that helped me solve my problem. I am happy with the services that were provided to me and have certainly helped me to be more active in my life. The staff is very knowledgeable and cooperative.
Mr. N Shah

I used to wake up during the night at least 15-20 times in the night with a jerk and used to have high bladder pressure and I needed to use the washroom frequently. The next day used to be terrible, I would feel drowsy, sleepy, frustrated used to have terrible headaches and for the headaches I used to pop in Sardon tabs daily.  I feel sleep is an important part of our life and especially the night 8 hours of sleep for rejuvenating the body. Due to my disturbed sleeping pattern, I consulted Dr. Preeti Devnani and now after two months of treatment I don’t wake up frequently. I am very satisfied with services provided by the Sleep Disorders Clinic. Now for two months I have no headaches and now rarely sleep during the day. I feel very energetic and active during the day.  I take no medication for my sleep. The diet programme and OroMyofunctional Therapy exercises have helped me a lot. The staff at the clinic has been to like a family that has helped me cope up with my sleep issues. Now Dr. Preeti and I working towards my goal of 6-8 hours.  I am very grateful to Dr. Preeti Devnani and whole team of Dr. Devnani especially Kruttika (Diet Consultant) and Dr. Rhujuta and also to mention my husband and family who helped me to solve my sleep issue.  Thank you
Mrs. Promila Saini (House-wife)